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Silkroute Wheels of Wellness (SWOW)

Given the economic hardships, travelling obstacles and obliviousness towards health matters, a trip to the nearest village or town having a medical facility…

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Angel doctors: A grassroots level approach

“The Angel doctors” is truly a unique and grassroots level approach where students and youth play a pivotal role of change agents.

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Since the vision of good health and longevity for a population cannot be realized only through random awareness and screening encounters or reactive approaches to health issues…

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The synergy plan : Strengthening the existing healthcare services

Enabling the existing healthcare infrastructure, both public and private, is of paramount importance to achieve the mission of providing sound and accessible healthcare to the community…

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The Longevity campaigns: A doctor in the village

SRH organizes health awareness and screening campaigns in the villages by facilitating the healthcare professionals visiting or vacationing their villages spend a day or two …

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