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Thank you. You have already contributed to this noble cause by browsing through our pages and reading these lines.Interested to do more? There are number of ways to be involved in this worthy effort to enhance and improve the quality of lives of our people, the people of Gligit Baltistan.Every step taken to support this highly ambitious journey counts. Your contributions will range from the simple act of appreciating our work to helping us realize our vision of establishing “Quality of Life and Longevity centers" throughout Gilgit Baltistan and beyond.

Organizing awareness campaigns, mentoring students, bringing new knowledge to the resident professionals, facilitating development and implementation of interventional programs and supporting the existing infrastructure are only few ways to pay back to our motherland.

The only limit is our imagination!


How would you like to be part of our efforts at Slikroute to Health? If you are a medical practitioner, would you like to spend some time with the community in your village during your next visit? Would you like to sponsor an event aimed at awareness in the areas of health, education and environment? How about supporting an individual or a group of professionals from Gilgit Baltistan to a national or international conference in person or online? Why not taking a web based information sharing session for the students and young professionals to benefit them in their careers and practice?

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