High salt intake  is related to raised blood pressure,  even in the young members of the communities

High salt intake is related to raised blood pressure, even in the young members of the communities

In the last few decades the high mountain communities of Gilgit Baltistan have seen tremendous changes in their economic, social and political position. Although the changes have been positive for most part in monetary, education, communication and infrastructure terms, recent research studies indicate that the status of population’s health and overall well-being is declining on an alarming rate.

Loss of life in young men and women, mostly due to non-communicable diseases, has dramatically increased in all regions of Gilgit Baltistan, though with varying degrees. As an instance, the incidence of cardiovascular disease and consequent mortalities and morbidities, both in old and young, is unprecedented in the region.

Ironically, the land of longevity where most people lived healthy lives for eighty years and above, until only a few decades ago, is at the disastrous course of ending up in the band of regions in the world with the lowest life expectancy.

The current situation demands speedy but lasting interventions on the part of all stakeholders including public and private healthcare providers, NGO’s, social, political and religious leadership and most importantly the community itself.hypertension

Silkroute to Health, a not-for-profit organization founded and run by professionals belonging to GB, both resident and non-resident, has taken the initiative to tackle the imminent catastrophe through a careful and systematic approach of collaboration with the aforementioned stakeholders.

Silkroute to Health aims to achieve this by engaging the healthcare experts, professionals and leaders hailing from Gilgit Baltistan regardless of their geographical location and boundaries

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