Introduction to education, a class in progress at a mid 20th century school

Introduction to education, a class in progress at a mid 20th century school

Gilgit Baltistan prides itself for being the leader in education as most of the regions in the province have some of the highest literacy rates in Pakistan. A considerable number of its residents have obtained and continue to acquire highest qualifications in diverse fields of study from acclaimed institutions from around the Globe. A significant number of qualified professionals, experts and academics from Gilgit Baltistan are serving in highest ranks at various national and international organizations of standing in Pakistan and abroad. Some of them are acclaimed entrepreneurs and businesspersons.

At Silkroute to Health, however, we look at the qualifications and achievements of the fortunate segment of our society with a totally different perspective. We challenge our educated and accomplished individuals to consider the impact and “trickle down” effect of their credentials, experiences and achievements on the quality of life of their communities as one of the most essential criteria to gauge their overall success.

It is a serious challenge particularly for the educated and accomplished members of the society that nearly half of the population, in the very villages having the highest literacy rates in Pakistan, is suffering from high blood pressure. These villages are losing their young men and women to preventable non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

The questions is shouldn’t the members of a highly educated and literate society be enjoying healthier, longer and fulfilled lives than the less fortunate?

Silkroute to Health provides a common platform for those who have been fortunate to have access to quality education and have successful careers and most importantly have the desire to translate their personal achievements into the improvement in the health, education and environment of the communities they belong to.

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