About Us

Our Mission

Enhancing the quality of life in Gligit-Baltistan by improving the health and well being of the communities by connecting people, ideas and resources.

Our Vision

Health and longevity for all people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

Major Gen. Sir Robert MC Carrison, British Agency Surgeon posted at Gilgit (1904–1911) described the health status of the people of Hunza in his 1922 Mellon Lecture, Pittsburg, USA.

“My own experience provides an example of a race unsurpassed in perfection of physique and in freedom from disease in general. I refer to the people of the State of Hunza, situated in the extreme northernmost point of India. Among these people, the span of life is extraordinarily long.

During the period of my Association with these people, I have never saw a case of asthenic dyspepsia, of gastric or duodenal ulcer, of appendicitis, of mucous colitis, of cancer. Among these people, the ‘abdomen over-sensitive’ to nerve impressions, to fatigue, anxiety, or cold was unknwon.The awareness of the existence of this part of their anatomy was, as a rule, related solely to the feeling of hunger”. The Wheel of Health: The Sources of Long Life and Health Among the Hunza by Dr. G. T. Wrench M.D

Like many developing countries, people in Gilgit Baltistan are now suffering from the “double burden” of disease where they have not overcome problems of infectious diseases and maternal and child health issues and are now being affected by non-communicable or life style related diseases with obesity, diabetes and vascular diseases on the rise impacting the longevity of its populations. Rural isolation further impacts the timely utilization of health care services. According to the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore “Fate has allowed humanity such a pitifully meagre coverlet that in pulling it over one part of the world, another has to be left bare”.


Although significant efforts are being exerted in the curative aspect of healthcare in the region by public and private organizations, the crucial areas of awareness in preventive health, hygiene, environment and quality education are far behind the international benchmarks contributing ominously to the said double burden of disease.

Silkroute to Health is a volunteer-centred, civil society initiative, dedicated to improve health, education and environment in Gilgit Baltistan. It aims to encourage partnerships between professionals and organizations with expertise in health, education and environment in the village and out of the village (in country or overseas) to contribute towards healthy, literate and safe villages.

Silkroute to Health longevity model

The organization achieves its objectives through the power of pride and sense of belonging of individuals and professionals form GB, wherever they live or work, to their area and people and their desire as conscious members of the civil society to extend support where it is most needed.